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Windows 8 dual boot priority setting

If you following this post:
Creating a “no hypervisor” boot entry
And want to change your boot priority to with no hypervisor. You can change this easily.

You can follow this instructions:

  1. On the left bottom corner, do right click and choose “System”.
  2. After that, in the “System” Window, click “Advanced system settings”.
  3. It will show “System Properties” Window. Choose “Advanced” tab.
  4. In “Advanced” tab, click button “Settings” on “Startup and Recovery”.
  5. It will show “Startup and Recovery” Windows.
  6. You can see dropdownlist with caption “Default operating system”. In here, you can choose which OS do you want as startup.
  7. Click Ok for both “Startup and Recovery” and “System Properties” Window.

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