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Life Quotations from Journey

  • Religion guides people toward doing good. If they understand that, it will be like confucius teaching the righteousness…
    Religion never advocates for killing!
    But any extension into violence will make it an evil cult!
    Because true religion advocates for peace, kindness, and love.
    Taoism is pure like water. If the preacher is a filthy container, what Taoism water pours out will be spoiled.
    That kind of “Tao” maybe flawless in the beginning. But eventually the followers will simply go with the flow, changing beyond recognition.
  • History always written by the winners.
    Even a casual statement can bring out the devils in your hearts.
    A true loyalist should use his power to suppress treacherous vassals!
    — loyalist.
  • Because of this sin, I can’t go together with you. Just find your happiness and live happily after. That makes Me happy.
  • 愛她
    If you love her
    Don’t just do what you think is right
    Do what she wants
  • For now, what missing from me is you ♥, but i think you won’t miss me.
  • Real studying is about learning how to live the right way.
  • Question are created by people, for people to solve.
    It is not made to disallow someone from solving.
    It is to properly direct the person to the topic. That is what makes a good question.
  • Zero is where everything starts!
    Nothing would ever be born if we didn’t depart from there!
    Nothing would ever be achieved…
  • In Order to take a Queen as my bride, it looks like I’ll have to become a King…
  • Because love is zero, no matter how you add the results will remain zero.
  • It’s human nature to want to see the one you love…
    you shouldn’t tease the one who misses him/her, who is far away…
  • Rise and rise again…
    Until lambs become lions…
  • For a boyfriend, his girlfriend is his one and only idol. – Mysterious –
  • Happiness, sadness, anger, hatred…
    That’s what being alive means.
    As the King, the first thing you should do is love your people.
  • When leaders forget what it means to be humble
    remember they stand on us, when we fall they crumble.
  • Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.
  • Everyday is a day of discovery.
  • ”Le Coeur de la Mer”.
    “The Heart of the Ocean”.
  • If i don’t force myself to forget you… I won’t be able to face myself tomorrow… My silent tears are flowing out of my filled heart, but i will preserve with no regrets… I’m sorry for your tenderness… Until we meet again… Everlasting… 😉 Thank You…. =D
  • I have faith… that you’ll come to understand my intentions. My dearest loved ones… Though my death brings you great pain, but our people face mortal peril. I would do anything to stop it. Even if it’s giving up my little life. Whatever they may do to my body, my soul will always live on with you.
  • Memories will remain, even if you are far apart. As long as the feeling’s still there, surely you will never forget… Even though you will never see each other again… You won’t feel any loneliness… And are able to face the new world… Q.E.D.